Starting Diesel via Air Flask

You can now use the high pressure air flasks to start the diesels. I’ve also added in a flashlight, zoom, and interaction system to allow you to turn valves, switches, knobs, etc… and updated the air piping and diesel details.

As always, if you would like a true UBoat Simulator, help shape it by giving me honest feedback! Have a great weekend!

Diesel engine room

I’ve been working on the diesel engine room; added some textures, sounds, and animations. Haven’t yet baked lights for the prototype.

I also bought an amazing book from Amazon written by the son of the founder of Cummins Disesel. I’m hoping to use info from it to correctly update the 3D model and ensure I have an accurate simulation under the hood for the Krupp Germaniawerft F46A6P diesel most VIICs used.

Would love any feedback and as always, the updates are live in the sim.

Sub construction scene

Part of the fun of a sim is being engrossed in a deep and rich world that feels as close to the real one as possible. Not only does the sim have to behave like the real thing, it has to look like it to; atmosphere matters.

Because I’ve always been fascinated with the construction of the U-Boats, and I need to make a super accurate model for the sim, I am building a scene where the user will get to see the U-Boat they will command being build, piece by piece. Using archived materials, I am building a model I can use for this. Here is the work in progress so far:

The view of the girders and keel I build in blender as 3D model being compared to
U-534 – yes, that was not a VIIC but the girder size will do

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