Hi all – today you are the reason for this post! Since so many of the fantastic users from the Facebook UBoat groups and Subsim.com have started following this sim on itch.io, I’ve decided that it’s time to add a bit of polish so folks can get around.

New start menu

The menu is simple for now but it gives the user the ability to load a scene, go back to the main menu, and load another. It is also a spot for me to post patch notes for those that do not wish to follow the devlog. Finally, I hope it inspires folks to get a sense of the atmosphere that I want to build in the sim.

I would like to thank the Wolfpack game for the inspiration for this menu. The idea is simple, clean, and works for now. I may revisit in the future, but I am happy with just having a menu for now!

In other news, the drydock scene has been added. You can see a crude drydock setup with a fully completed VIIC, a shell made of girders, and a partially assembled front section. As I iterate over this scene, my hopes is that I can push updates to all of you and receive feedback along the way. This scene can hopefully serve as a perfect intro for a new player – before joining the Kreigsmarine and training on a sub, your professor can walk you through the boatyard and show you how the UBoat is built, from start to finish.

Lastly, a big shout out to Jonathan Thomas McMichael. He is a fellow UBoat enthusiast that reached out to me over my UBoat sim posts on the FB group. Over the last few days, Jonathan has provided me with amazing material he has acquired over the years on Uboats including blueprints, photos, 3d models of the sub girders, and other historical material; he’s saved me days if not weeks of research and has helped me confirm a lot of my research. He is a shining example how a community can work together to achieve a common goal (understand, research, and entertainment over a common shared topic of interest). Thanks again for all of your help Jonathan.

Stay tuned for more and feel free to comment with ideas or anything else.

Video of updates

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